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Bring on L.I.F.E.

Welcome to Mindful Expressions Counseling

Mindful Expressions Counseling, LLC in Caldwell, Idaho, believes and promotes that recovery from mental health and eating disorders is possible.  I aim to provide individuals with a safe place to seek information, openly discuss their experience with mental health and eating disorders, and freely express themselves until they fully recover.

I am Adriane Meng, a licensed clinical professional counselor and owner of Mindful Expressions Counseling, LLC in Caldwell, Idaho. If you know someone suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress, Life transitions, Body Image issues, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, or other mental health concerns, seek help for them right away. I offer individual and family counseling sessions as part of your successful recovery.

A Holistic Approach to Recovery

Through the years, I’ve gained a growing realization that the most effective way to help an individual is by treating not only the mind, but also the body and soul.


I journey with my clients in creatively exploring their sense of self and challenging previously accepted negative statements about themselves. I guide them in doing these so that they can gradually build a healthy self.


Working effectively with suffering individuals can require medical care, nutrition, meal planning, body work, mindfulness, and counseling. For this reason, I collaborate with various professionals to provide integrated care for my clients.


I continuously support my clients as they walk away from the trap of their mental health and eating disorders and into the presence of here and now. With my help, they will be able to enjoy L.I.F.E with their ability to be Living in Freed Expressions.

Call me today to schedule your appointment.

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