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It's time to talk about eating disorders

Posted on March 2, 2017 at 4:35 PM

It’s time to talk about eating disorders. Too many people don’t get the help they deserve because of all the myths and stereotypes. This #NEDAwareness Week, I’m encouraging all of you to get screened. Learn more at nationaleatingdisorders.org/screening

Eating Disorders are often hidden in the veil of mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, mood disorders, post-traumatic stress, or substance use disorders) as it is more acceptable to discuss mental health or substance use than it is to reveal the eating disorder.  Eating disorders often start as a way to adapt and survive various struggles in ones life; unfortunately, the eating disorder can take over ones life and often results in a beautiful life cut short.  I want to break the silence.  It's time to talk about eating disorders.  Get rid of the secret that holds you captive.  Begin with a screening, talk to someone you trust, discover life again, recognize your personal strengths, create a newer more beautiful you free to live life without the constant preoccupation of weight, thinness, beauty ideals that do not address the you inside.  OUR HEART, SOUL AND MIND DETERMINE OUR BEAUTY NOT OUR SHAPE OR APPEARANCE.  IT'S TIME TO LET YOUR SOUL SHINE!!!!  


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